Photo by: Karl Tõnissoo ©
Silent music project by Maria Jönsson and Jaanus Siniväli is a performance with fixed form consisting of sections with fixed improvised environments. The overall goal of the piece is to stimulate the listeners perception of sound through the level and timbre of the sounds and the positioning of the players in the space. 

The sound will be produced by blending silent sounds and timbres on flute and double bass, that 
range from unison and intervals to beatings and difference-tones. The level of the sound will range from unperceivable to perceivable, thus enabling the mind to register the sounds or the imagination to play on the possible outcomes.  

The room should be organized so that preferably only second reflections (no direct sounds) from the performers reach the audience. This could be achieved by having a wall between the players and the audience or having them in different rooms. By doing so, the listeners ability to detect the direction of the sound decreases as well does the level of the sound.