Helping with organizing,
check for events at Estonian Electronic Music Association (EES)
and Helikoosolek (monthly sound gatherings in Tartu)


6-th of July 15:00
Tootmiskoondis "Impro" #1
@ Magasini Tänava Suvila (Magasini 5, 51005 Tartu, Estonia)
Free improvisation summer gathering in the yard of Genialistide klubi
Moritz Cartheuser (guitar) 
Otzir Godot (drum set) 
Indrek Palu (violin) 
Roomet Jakapi (voice) 
Jaanus Siniväli (double bass)

5-10-th of August
Loomelabori suvekool Viljandis 
Giving a lecture and workshops on the approach and composition possibilities on double bass,
performing the works in the end of the course with Ekke Västrik on modular synthesizer.
Registration until 24-th of June