Image by: Jaanus Siniväli ©
Deck of Cards - Private Content is sound based multimedia game piece environment for four open electronic or acoustic instrument players, video projection and light setup. 

The focus in the piece is on the performer/improviser. They prepare and provide the sound and visual material used in the piece. The presenting of personal content is organized by the process of playing a card game. There are sets of rules how it should be performed and the performers are advised to prioritize the overall best result, as well as play the card game in an interesting/intriguing way. In general the performers decide how they will play the card game and how the sound scope of the piece evolves as the visual development is determined by the card game draw pile segmentation.

The card game is played virtually with performers sending their cards from their laptops (by using touchscreen, mouse or foot controller) and the game board with active card slots and sending progress is projected on the projection screen. The card game engine is non turn based and depending on a card they can be sent to oneself, to one of the other players or to all other players. There are five types of cards: Condition, Action, Parameter, Term and Change. Change cards are for playback of visual content and initiate changes that don’t have to be performed by the players. The other cards combined constitute the activities that the player has to fulfill. Players can act only if an Action card is present, all other parameters are either free or controlled by the other card types. 

Piece is inspired by the evolving role of performer/improviser/composer, game piece environments and phenomena of multimedia composition through the outcome of our half digital lives.