DIY Synthesizers

The base for all of Jaanus Siniväli's electronic setups are DIY based modular synthesizers. The idea for building DIY synthesizers has been around for a while, combining reasonable prices and character, that only analogue circuits could provide. Both of the synthesizers have pre-designed synthesizer cores and custom designed faceplates by Jaanus Siniväli. Many regards to persons and communities, who have put much work and effort into designing and building such wonderful circuits and synthesizers, and have shared their experience and work. 

ASM-2 is a semi-modular fully patchable synthesizer from Elby designs, with added Serge Resonant Equalizer and Stomp Box adapter from Ken Stone's Cat Girl Synth. It has a custom designed paperface front panel and is built in an old suitcase. Synthesizer is complemented by an additional similarly designed slim eurorack suitcase.
MFOS Experimenter synth is a semi-modular fully patchable synthesizer with banana connectors built in an old radio case with an eurorack compatibility under the lid and a custom designed front panel. Currently not in use.