15. January 2019 20:30 Improtest  
Ted Parker (electric guitar), Jaanus Siniväli (double bass) @ Kanuti Gildi Saal

5. April 2019 19:00 Silent Music
Maria Jönsson (flute), Jaanus Siniväli (double bass) / improvisation
What ever Works Festival, Turku, Finland  

6. April 2019 19:00
Tytti Arola's Aither performing on balloons 
What ever Works Festival, Turku, Finland

15-21. April 2019 Residency @ Maajaam www.maajaam.ee
preparing double bass and modular connectivity in Max controlled environments  

14. May 2019 14:00-18:00 Breadshop Concert / Installation
Eurorack and DIY-based modular synthesizers controlled by a human and a Max patch
Rosiine Breadshop

8. June 16:00-17:30 Silent Music 
Maria Jönsson (flute), Jaanus Siniväli (double bass) @ Nooruse Gallery     

6. July 2019 15:00
Tootmiskoondis "Impro" #1

Free improvisation summer gathering in the yard of Genialistide klubi
Moritz Cartheuser (guitar), Otzir Godot (drum set), Indrek Palu (violin), Roomet Jakapi (voice), Jaanus Siniväli (double bass)