Jaanus Siniväli is a double bass player and performer with interest in DIY electronics and electronic music, which has led to simultaneous use of double bass and modular synthesizer. He is active in playing contemporary music and free improvisation. Long time interest in western and more recently in eastern tradition of thinking has been applied in the search for function of music and arts which is investigated in Metaphysical Studies series in the form of performances and text scores.There is curiosity to find new solutions to situations where function of music is altering or unknown. So far this has resulted in search for links between sound and text, -movement, -graphics, -video. He finished CoPeCo international masters program in 2018 where he worked on a project combining sound, movement and visuals in an environment of fixed improvisation. He is active in Estonian Society of Electronic Music (EES).
Photo by: Rene Jakobson ©
jaanus[at] jaanussinivali.com